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Are you an adventure enthusiast addicted to the adrenaline rush you get from an escapade anywhere? What comes to mind when you think of the most thrilling adventure? Mountain or rock climbing? Ice or sky diving? There is no limit to the possibilities of going on a daring expedition anywhere in the world. However, you do not need to go far and wide to experience action-packed fun to shaken your dull mind and body from the monotonous daily schedule.

Located in Thorpe village in Surrey, lying in between the towns of Staines-upon-Thames and Chertsey, this amusement park has everything adventure seekers will find, from massive rollercoaster rides to dark rides. 

Highlights of the Themed Park 

Tidal wave: This Shoot-the-chutes flume is no ordinary water ride but gets you drenched with the massive water soaking ride. It is an 85ft plunge into the waters. Plummeting into the water below from atop, giving a giant splash is one sight to see even as a bystander.

There can be no better fun on a hot summer day than here. Enjoy an electrifying water ride here and get your adrenaline going. There is nothing more reviving than activities of this sort that also serves as the best way to do away with water fright or fear of heights. 

The Colussus: This ride is known globally as one of the top ten rollercoasters with the most inversions. The ride surprises you with each inversion with a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew and quadruple barrel, which is also the only one in the UK. Imagine a throw down from 98ft high riders are in for a thrill with a surprise at the end. Plunging from the height to an exciting ride and the music of Ian Habgood playing in the background and the surrounding is sure is no ordinary fun. It will interest you that the ride is within the ruins of the Atlantean civilization. Fly high and low on these iconic steel tracks and further dive into underground trench. 


Nemesis Inferno:  This is the only inverted rollercoaster in Thorpe park. The thrill you get here is different as you have to hang your feet freely as you take the ride. Spinning, diving and swooping around freely at the speed of 50mph on this 750 metres long twisted track will surely electrify your whole body. As you go flying up and down, you will get a massive and gorgeous sight of the landscape and the volcano and mist coming off the volcano. As you drop down, you will go through the volcano, the tunnel with brilliant lighting and effect. This ride is fully action-packed with four different inversions.

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The Walking Dead: Are you a fan of the theme? This indoor ride will give you not just an adrenaline rush but goosebumps and chills down your spine. The coaster goes down a corridor with special effects and impressive theming. The ride is indeed enjoyable that features live-action role-play, scary actors and immersive pre-ride shows. The Walking Dead is another unique form of experiencing the thrill. 

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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon – Enjoy a truly immersive experience here on this Island. Get on board the Victorian train, enjoy hanging 3 metres in the air and a scary journey through time. You will get to have a VR experience and Derren Brown’s hologram. Scream your lungs out and enjoy the coasters in this dark ride and get yourself the experience of a lifetime.

Stealth: This intimate accelerator coaster will give you the experience of brake horsepower of two Formula 1 cars. This iconic steel coaster goes up 62.5m into the air and is a must-try here in Thorpe Park. It is one such experience you will not get anywhere else of the coasters here in the UK. Accelerating from 0 to 80 miles an hour in 1.9 seconds is not just brilliant but a spectacular one for viewers. It is located in the amity speedway with racing themes that sets the tone of it all. 


Saw – The Ride: If you are a fan of the Saw film franchise, you surely must get on to this ride here in Thorpe Park. Get ready to get the feel of the film in this dark ride. Do you want to experience getting out alive from riding through Jigsaw’s torture equipment, swinging blades and spikes? Here is your moment. The vertical drop of 100 degrees, from a height of 100ft will push away your fear of heights. 

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