7 Most lovely Sakura Parks In Tokyo That are worth a Visit

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Cherry Blossom in Japan

Some parks in Tokyo are just famous for their cherry trees. These trees with pink or white flowers called “sakura” are the main attraction in the Japanese capital. We provide you a list of six Sakura parks in Tokyo to appreciate the beauty of these flowers that smell like spring.

1. Shinjuku Gyoen

The Shinjuku Imperial Garden is particularly renowned for its 1,500 cherry trees, which come in three kinds of sakura, for a varied bloom in early spring. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful, and there are spacious lawns where you can admire these trees while relaxing.

2. Ueno Park

In the Taito district of Tokyo, Japan, Ueno Park has over 1,000 cherry trees stretching out along the street leading to the National Museum to Shinobazu Pond. Ueno Park flowers usually bloom 1 to 3 days before other cherry blossoms in other places in the city. It is unfortunately one of the most crowded and popular Sakura parks in Tokyo for tourists but its early flowering trees are definitely worth a look.

3. Chidorigafuchi

Hundreds of cherry trees adorn the moat of the ancient Edo Castle around Kitanomaru or Chidorigafuchi Park, ranking it as one of Tokyo’s most beautiful sakura blossom sites. Boats are available for hire to see these cherry blossoms growing near the pond up close. And for even more magic, the trees in the park are lit up after dark.

4. Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is a large park located near Harajuku, a bustling capital city area, and Meiji Shrine in Shibuya Ward in Tokyo. Over 600 cherry trees are planted in this spacious park, providing enjoyable picnic opportunities.

5. Sumida Park

Sumida Park is one of the most popular places for visitors to view sakura trees during their short bloom in spring. This beautiful park stretches for a few hundred meters and runs along both sides of the Sumida River with a lovely view of the Tokyo Sky Tree. Like Chidorigafuchi Park, in the early evening, some sakura are lit to extend the viewing experience.

6. Inokashira Park

Inokashira Park, west of Tokyo, is surely the most romantic of all. A few hundred pink and white cherry trees adorn this large public park in the city. Inokashira has a central pond where you can sail on swan-shaped boats to see the blossoming sakura up close.

7. Koishikawa Korakuen Garden

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is located north of the Imperial Park, right next to the Tokyo Dome, the huge stadium in the center of the capital. You should know that Koishikawa is first known for its momiji, these trees with red leaves that bloom in the fall, especially at the end of November. At the very beginning of April, these momiji give way to sakura, a dozen cherry trees then take possession of the park. Most notable is the weeping cherry blossom tree, located right in the middle of the park. Note that the weeping cherry tree generally reaches full bloom a few days before other trees.

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