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Canada Flag

The mountains, icy masses, isolated lakes and forests of Canada make it worth visiting country on this lonely planet. Yet, Canada’s main attraction isn’t only nature, it also has cosmopolitan urban communities that are spotless, protected, friendly, and multicultural. To be honest, Canada over and over is praised as one of the world’s most decent nations. So, it doesn’t matter that you are interested in live theatre, or river rafting you surely will have no disappointment. If anyone wants to visit Canada, he can look out this link After reading 9 major reasons you will agree with us that Canada is surely a country to be considered for visit. 

Toronto City in Canada

1. Northern Lights

When charged particles from the sun interacts with molecules and atoms in Earth’s environment, a light is produced that is called as Celestial Light. The view of this light is hypnotic, and it can be seen in many parts of Canada. Main places where you can see it:

  1. Whitehorse, Yukon
  2. Dempster Highway, Yukon
  3. Fort McMurray, Alberta
  4. Athabasca Country, Alberta
  5. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  6. Iqaluit, Nunavut
  7. Northern Labrador, Newfoundland/Labrador
  8. La Ronge, Saskatchewan

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls in Canada

If you are visiting Canada and Niagara Falls is not in your list, then this is not fair. It is well-thought-out as the eighth wonder of our world. In every second almost 150,000 gallons water crash down which covers the nearby town with a refreshing fog all year. In the late spring months, you can take a ride on Maid of the Mist to personally observe intensity of this falls. Keep your visa available because you can stroll over the Rainbow Bridge to United States. You can view  tumbles from another amazing point in Niagara Falls State Park.

3. Visit the hot springs in the Canadian Rockies

After a difficult day of climbing in Rockies nothing can match with the hot soak. Between marvelously tall mountains and National parks, both Alberta and British Columbia offer a genuinely enticing determination of hot, precious stone blue waters. Radium Hot Springs, Miette Hot Springs or Banff Upper Hot Springs are the best places to bring the entire family. Also, Permit rich minerals found in these natural aquifers to strengthen your body and leave your skin feeling fresh out of the box new. 

4. Go snorkeling in Tobermory Bay

Tobermory Bay is an extraordinarily well-known goal for swimmers and nature darlings, It is three hours’ drive away from Toronto. Tobermory Bay which is also Shipwreck Diving Capital of Canada considered a fascinating swimming place. One can enjoy submerged woodlands, gulches and submerged cascades that go back to a period before present day man at the 20 close wrecks. You can view remaining parts of old coral here on tropical ocean or watch cutting-edge occupants, crayfish, bass and sculpin. 

5. Canadian Rockies

Lake in Canada

Extending in excess of 1,500 kilometers over outskirt locales of British Columbia and Alberta, Rocky Mountains grab the attention of open air adventurists, nature lovers, and obviously individuals who participate in winter sports of numerous sorts. Delightful mountain tops highlighted with dazzling lakes and natural life make the ‘Rockies’ a flat-out must-see goal.

6. Friendly locals

It’s no big surprise that Canadians are frequently are recognized as the most friendly people on planet. Indeed, even in areas, for example, Quebec, where French is main language, you will be invited with all the way open arms. Canadians are glad for their nation and anxious to impart their reality to you. On your tour, if you get lost in Canada, approach a nearby person for help and you’re probably going to get a warm and best reaction.

7. Incredible Snowfields

Snowfields in Canada

Packed with snow undertakings from east to west, skiing and snowboarding are the interesting activities here. But in winter these reach out to sledding, out fishing, snowmobiling, ice staking, and downhill tubing. There are many winter resorts in the Rocky Mountains where guests can stay to enjoy winter in Canada.

8. Maple syrup

There’s an explanation behind the maple leaf image on Canada’s national banner. Not exclusively, this durable tree found all over Canada, however it produces one of the nation’s staple nourishments – maple syrup! None of that counterfeit stuff for Canadians. With regards to waffles,  pan cakes,  or pastries, just 100% unadulterated Canadian maple syrup will do. Delightful!

9. Poutine

Nourishment sweethearts don’t need to search more to find the national dish of Canada – Poutine. This hot and gooey dish beginnings with a serving of chips covered in rich sauce before being topped with cheddar curds or a cheddar sauce.

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